"Maternity brand beloved by 31k women launches three-piece pyjama set that’s set to sell out"

20 June 2024

The PJs were even created with the help of pregnant women, in order to understand exactly what they want from pyjamas as their bodies stretch and grow beyond recognition.

“Honestly, if my house caught fire, I would grab my Sleepybelly first before fleeing.” 

21 February 2024

After using Sleepybelly for seven weeks, Paine is impressed to say the least. “I can safely say it's been an absolute lifesaver in helping me get a good night's sleep,” she says. “Honestly, if my house caught fire, I would grab my Sleepybelly first before fleeing.”

'Users say it relieves even severe discomfort'

1 January 2024

It’s not unusual to experience difficulty sleeping during pregnancy. In fact, it’s more common than not — which is why the Sleepybelly pillow has proven to be such a smart choice for mamas-to-be everywhere.

Awarded Best Pregnancy Pillow For Back Pain As Seen On The Bump

26 June 2023

The Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow won an award for Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain via The Bump. We're VERY excited by this!

Jess’s Top 7 Pregnancy Must-Haves

13 July 2023

It supports you when you need it. It also helps to prevent back sleeping position and helps reduce back, hip and pelvic girdle pain.

Best pregnancy pillow Australia: Why pregnant women and midwives are hailing this adjustable product as ‘life-changing’

23 June 2023

Shoppers have heaped praise on the product, describing it as the ‘best pillow ever’ and a ‘game changer’ online.

Meet Sleepybelly: the Best Pregnancy Pillow for Safe, Comfortable and Stress-Free Sleep

June 22 2023

We’ve uncovered a must-have product being hailed an actual “lifesaver” by pregnant mums.

'A LIFESAVER in pregnancy!' Suffering back or hip pain or struggling to sleep with a bump? Thousands of shoppers rate this pillow the best on the market for taking the strain off aching joints

4 May 2023

Pregnant women across the States and in Australia are calling a pregnancy pillowa game-changer for both rest and wellness in pregnancy.

Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow Review

10 May 2023

Pregnant and finding sleep uncomfortable? A pregnancy pillow makes sleeping easier for pregnant women, and the Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow is one of our favourites on the market.

Pregnant women raving about 'life-changing' pillow. This three-piece adjustable pillow will help you sleep throughout your pregnancy.

5 February 2023

Being pregnant isn't always comfortable, especially when you're sleeping. Back pain, rib pain and pelvic pain can keep you up at night. Not ideal when you should be resting so you're ready for when baby arrives.

10 Of The Best Pregnancy Pillows In Australia In 2023

Sleepybelly is the ultimate pregnancy pillow, as it helps pregnant mums enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep with back, side and tummy support.

12 Popular Pregnancy Pillows (For Getting A Good Nights Sleep)

7 September 2022

Sleepybelly’s 3-piece pillow set features premium air-layer external fabric and a high-quality latex inner.