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How To Use Your Sleepybelly To Make Our First Night Together A Comfortable One

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Our First Night Together

The Sleepybelly is an adjustable three-piece pregnancy pillow filled with activated latex which provides the perfect balance between support and comfort.

Some mums-to-be fall instantly in love with their Sleepybelly. However, most of our mums-to-be take a couple nights, to a couple of weeks of trialling different positions to find the perfect combination for them.

We find that what works for women at the start of their pregnancy is different to what works for them further into their pregnancy.

Opening and Fluffing Up Your Sleepybelly

In order to ship the Sleepybelly to you, we vacuum seal the pillow to protect it, as well as making shipping and handling more convenient.

Unfortunately the desiccated natural latex fibres inside the Sleepybelly – used for enhanced support and comfort – don't love this process 😞

It is completely normal for your Sleepybelly to need to be fluffed up and aired out for 24 hours after arriving.

The desiccated natural latex fibres used inside the Sleepybelly can often have a strong scent when they first arrive (being pregnant your sense of smell can be elevated, so this may be more unpleasant for some at first). Freshly manufactured natural latex needs time to breathe. Simply open up your pillow, fluff it up and let it air out for 24 hours.

Sometimes the latex has been compressed for a while and requires a little love to get it to its original shape. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and it won’t affect the comfort levels of your pillow!

You may need to give your Sleepybelly a good massage to break apart the compressed sections, then shake the pillow to spread the fibres evenly around the pillow.

24 hours after you’ve fluffed and aired your Sleepybelly it will ready for your first comfortable night’s sleep!

(Hint: the vacuum seal bag is also perfect for packing away your Sleepybelly if you’re travelling or putting it away into storage).

What’s In The Box?

How It Works

Sleepybelly's 3-piece design allows for optimal comfort, through the duration of your pregnancy however you choose to sleep.

Your journey to a deeper more restful sleep starts with Sleepybelly.

- Hannah & Andy

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