Who we are...

Two friends from Melbourne, Australia. Light sleepers and problem solvers, with an obsession for the small details ensuring everything is perfect.

Notoriously poor sleeper and Sleepybelly co-founder, Hannah was surrounded by pregnant sisters and friends and hearing complaint after complaint of sore backs, tossing, turning and sleepless nights.

Determined to solve the problem for those around her (and future Hannah), she embarked on a journey to develop and design a pillow which provides support, comfort and peace of mind for expecting mums.

Enlisting the help of longtime friend and manufacturing expert Andy, the pair left no stone unturned to source the highest quality materials and liaising with expecting mums, osteopaths, women's health nurses to develop the Sleepybelly.

The journey so far!

We all know how difficult a comfortable night’s sleep becomes during pregnancy.

A woman’s body is changing and growing every day. Carrying an extra human isn’t easy on your body. When you finally get into bed you want to feel comfortable and relieved.

But the bed just doesn’t cut it and neither do a lot of the other pregnancy pillows in the market.

Worthy product recommendations travel like wildfire with expecting mums – who are constantly passing on their tips and tricks for a more enjoyable pregnancy.

There seemed to be a lack of a worthy product helping mums-to-be get a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

Comfort is a huge driving force behind The Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow.

But the real magic comes from the peace of mind it brings!

Paranoid that they will fall asleep and wake up on their back wondering how long they’ve been laying like that?

We’ve worked tirelessly to bring a product to you that prevents you from rolling onto your back in your sleep. A product that takes away that subconscious worry that stops you from drifting into a deeper, more restful sleep.

That’s how Sleepybelly was born – out of a need for comfort and peace of mind!

Our values

Our personal values are reflected in everything that we do with Sleepybelly. Two family orientated envrionmentally and socially conscious individuals with a healthy perfectionist complex.
When setting out to develop the Sleepybelly the focus was always on creating the very best product possible, and solving a very important problem pregnant women encounter during the most important (but physically uncomfortable) period of their lives.

Sparing no expense on design, research and manufacturing it's unsurprising that the resulting product is head and shoulders above other maternity pillows available on the market. The final nod to this dedication and values of quality and confidence is the 30-night, money back guarantee. If you've purchased a new Sleepybelly and it's not feeling more comfortable or supported, and as a result your sleep has not improved - send it back for a full refund, guaranteed.

Your journey to a deeper more restful sleep starts with Sleepybelly.

- Hannah & Andy

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