Revolutionising Pregnancy: The Game-Changing Pregnancy Pillow Easing The Way For Expecting Mothers

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 | By Hannah Douglas

Groundbreaking Stride for Pregnancy Comfort

In a groundbreaking stride for maternal comfort, a new invention is taking the maternity world by storm.

The Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow is a game-changer, delivering unparalleled relief to expecting mothers grappling with the common discomforts of pregnancy, and transforming their experience from restless nights to deep, restful sleep.

Endorsed passionately by renowned midwives and pregnancy physiotherapists, Sleepybelly is not just another pillow. It's a breakthrough innovation born out of the necessity for a safe, comfortable night's sleep for all mothers-to-be.

It answers the universal cry of pregnant women seeking a night's sleep free from the constant anxiety of back sleeping, which health professionals advise against.

Crafted from premium latex that provides the optimal balance of softness and support, this 3-piece adjustable set is more than a pillow; it's a sanctuary for the belly, back, and hips

It allows expecting mothers the liberty of side sleeping—the safest position for them and the baby—while relieving pressure on critical areas like the lower back and hips.

“The Sleepybelly is great as it can be altered into different configurations to cater for rib pain, back pain and pelvic girdle pain - and giving expecting mums much better sleep” raves Jess Kostos, founder of The Mama Physio, a leading authority in Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy.

Accommodates A Growing Bump

Designed with an adjustable strap to accommodate the growing bump, and soft, breathable, removable, and washable covers, the Sleepybelly is every expectant mother's dream.

It not only keeps them cool and comfortable all night but grows with them, ensuring optimal support throughout all pregnancy stages.

"Research has shown, sleeping in a back-lying position can increase the risk of stillbirth in late pregnancy. Back sleeping is a common cause of worry for pregnant women, especially those who find themselves waking up on their backs during the night. The really reassuring news is that by making a small modification to the position you fall asleep in, the risk can be significantly reduced. That’s why I recommend the Sleepybelly ( pregnancy pillow. The long back piece is perfect to help prevent the back-lying position.” said Beth Ryan, an experienced midwife from Birth with Beth.

Over 8,000+ Satisfied Customers and Countless Rave Reviews

Already, the Sleepybelly pillow is turning heads and winning hearts. With over 8,000 satisfied customers and countless rave reviews, it's evident that this pillow is transforming lives, one pregnancy at a time.

"Worth every cent" says a delighted Melanie H., a satisfied customer who wishes she bought the Sleepybelly at an earlier stage of her pregnancy. "I don’t wake up on my back at all anymore which is also a relief as I’m now over 28 weeks and side sleeping is so much safer. If you’re thinking about it, give it a go, it’s so comfortable and supportive.”

The PROS and CONS of the Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow


• Unique dual wedge design with premium latex to support the natural contours of your body

• Peace of mind that you won’t wake up on your back in the night

• Unique 3-piece adjustable support that is versatile and grows with your belly

• Reduces body aches and pains associated with pregnancy

• Won't take over your entire bed and you can still use your favourite pillow

• Made from hypoallergenic materials safe for pregnant women


• Only available online on their official site

• Will never be sold retail in physical stores

• High demand means they often run out of stock

• Beware of knock-offs and scams

  Sleepybelly O-Shape C-Shape I-Shape
Wedge support that contours your belly
Stops the feared back sleeping position
Adjustable support for growing bellies
No need to re-adjust when you change sides
Use your preferred pillow
Takes over most of your bed
Great for breastfeeding

Don't Endure Another Night of Discomfort

Don't endure another night of discomfort. Join the thousands of satisfied mothers who've discovered the secret to comfortable and restful sleep.

The Sleepybelly pillow is available now for purchase online with free delivery across the USA and Australia. Every purchase is backed by a 30-night money-back guarantee, reflecting their confidence in this revolutionary product.

Experience the transformation today. Visit to order the revolutionary Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow and turn restless nights into peaceful dreams.

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