Dual-Duty Delight: How Your Pregnancy Pillow Should Support Both Pregnancy and Nursing

Navigating through the journey of pregnancy and into the early days of motherhood can be both exhilarating and exhausting. As the costs of pregnancy mount, it becomes essential to find products that not only serve their purpose during pregnancy but also offer continued value postpartum.

Call us biassed but one such invaluable investment is the Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow. Joelleen Wynduss Paye, an IBCLC lactation consultant and specialist, shares her expert insights on maximizing the utility of this versatile pillow beyond pregnancy for nursing your newborn.

The Versatility of Sleepybelly


The Sleepybelly pillow, which may have served as a comfort companion during your pregnancy, can seamlessly transition into a supportive nursing pillow. This is especially significant considering the adjustments and challenges new mothers face while breastfeeding. Joelleen points out that while there are numerous nursing pillows on the market, the unique three-part design of the Sleepybelly pillow—comprising a long pillow and two smaller wedge pillows—offers unparalleled flexibility and customization for breastfeeding.

Optimal Breastfeeding Positions with Sleepybelly

1. Reclined Breastfeeding:

This position is recommended for its sustainability and comfort. By reclining, mothers can distribute the baby's weight across their torso, easing the load on their arms and spine, which is crucial for those recovering from childbirth. The long pillow of the Sleepybelly provides crucial lower back support, while the smaller pillows can be adjusted to support the mother's elbows or the baby’s feet, promoting a more natural feeding posture.

2. Side Lying:

For mothers looking to rest while nursing, the side-lying position is ideal. This position not only offers a comfortable resting posture but also aligns with the recommendations for physical recovery during the postpartum period. The larger Sleepybelly pillow can be used to support the mother’s hips and to secure the baby’s back, ensuring the baby faces the mother fully, which is essential for effective breastfeeding.

3. Underarm Hold:

This position, often preferred for its ease of use with newborns and twins, requires substantial pillow support. The Sleepybelly’s long pillow can be utilized to support the mother's arm, helping maintain a comfortable elevation for the baby, while the smaller wedge pillows can help align the baby at the correct height for easy latch-on.

Beyond Breastfeeding: Bottle Feeding with Sleepybelly

Paced Bottle Feeding

Joelleen also emphasizes the effectiveness of the Sleepybelly pillow during bottle feeding, particularly using the Paced Bottle Feeding Method (PBFM). This method, which aligns the bottle horizontally to allow the baby to control their intake, is facilitated by the upright support that the Sleepybelly pillow provides, helping prevent overfeeding and aiding in easier digestion.

Supporting Baby's Digestion and Tummy Time

Post-feed, it's beneficial to keep the baby upright to aid digestion—a task the Sleepybelly pillow manages with ease by propping the baby against it. Moreover, as your baby grows and begins to explore, the pillow can be a supportive accessory during tummy time, helping strengthen the baby's neck and upper body muscles, crucial for their development.

A Sustainable Choice

Choosing a product that grows with your needs is not just economical but also environmentally friendly. The Sleepybelly pillow’s adaptability from a pregnancy aid to nursing support makes it a must-have for every expectant mother. As Joelleen Wynduss Paye puts it, “The Sleepybelly pillow isn’t just for pregnancy; it’s a lifelong companion for you and your baby’s early milestones.”

With such versatility and sustained usability, the Sleepybelly pillow stands out as a prime example of how thoughtful investments during pregnancy can continue to deliver benefits well into the early stages of motherhood.

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