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What makes Sleepybelly different to other pregnancy pillows?

Sleepybelly has been designed to not just support your belly during your pregnancy but also to reduce the stress of accidentally rolling onto your back during your sleep.

The Sleepybelly is made from premium materials to help ensure a comfortable, more restful sleep.

What is the Sleepybelly made of?

1. Premium Air-Layer Cover
A removable, breathable and machine-washable cover made with a unique bamboo/polyester blend. Protected with an antibacterial shield to provide you with ongoing quality sleep.

2. Anti-bacterial fabric
The unique weave and treatment of the fabric means that dust-mites and other nasties have a hard time getting comfortable which keeps the Sleepybelly fresher and cleaner for longer between washes.

3. Activated Latex Pillow
Our activated latex cushion provides the perfect balance between support and comfort. The shredded composition provides cooling and anti-bacterial benefits.

Can I wash the Sleepybelly?

Yes, you can wash the air-layer cover in a warm to cold machine wash. We also recommend an additional pillow case so that you don't miss a night of rest while your Sleepybelly pillow case is drying.

Is the Sleepybelly machine washable?

The Sleepybelly pillowcase is machine washable. We recommend a warm to cold wash. The pillow itself is not machine washable but is protected by an Anti-bacterial fabric.

Is the Sleepybelly safe for front sleepers?

Yes, the Sleepybelly can be used for front-sleepers. The wedge support for your belly, prevents you from rolling onto your front in your sleep.

Is the Sleepybelly safe for breastfeeding?

Yes, the Sleepybelly can be used for breast feeding after you've given birth. Simply use the wedge support pieces to prop up your newborn while you're feeding.

At what stage in my pregnancy should I buy a pregnancy pillow?

Most mums purchase a pregnancy pillow around the 20-week mark. However, this is a personal choice! One of the unique things about Sleepybelly that sets it apart is that it is completely adjustable. Unlike other pregnancy pillows the middle strap is adjustable so that you can receive optimal belly and back support as your move through your pregnancy.

We recommend purchasing one when you start feeling any discomfort at night or start to worry about sleeping on your back. Osteopaths and maternity healthcare specialists suggest that a pregnancy pillow can be helpful in providing support and comfort after the first trimester.

Is it safe during pregnancy?

Yes the Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow is safe to use during your pregnancy. It provides important back, side and tummy support while the internal latex material molds to your body.

Will my Sleepybelly shrink or stretch in the wash?

The premium air-layer external case of the Sleepybelly is machine washable (recommended on a cold to warm setting) and should not shrink or stretch out of shape. We do recommend not to tumble dry the case after washing.

Where can I buy Sleepybelly in person?

Currently official Sleepybellys are only available via our website; however we are working to build a solid network of licensed stockists and distributors. Stay tuned for more news on that :)

What is the 'anti-bacterial shield' fabric?

The external air-layer fabric is woven with an anti-microbial fabric making it difficult for nasties like bacteria, mould, viruses and dustmites to cling onto and grow within the fabric. The anti-bacterial shield keeps your Sleepybelly fresher and safer for longer, although regular washing (just like a normal pillow) is recommended.

Our fabric is a Bamboo/Polyester blend and isn’t treated. It gets its antimicrobial protection through the naturally occuring Bamboo Kun which is the natural antimicrobial agent found in bamboo.

Our fabric is also OEKO-TEXT Standard 100 certified, meaning it has been tested to ensure it contains no nasties!

Why is latex better than regular polyester pillow filling?

The shredded latex material within the Sleepybelly's internal cavity provides the best support you can get, along with a host of other benefits.

Sleepybelly's premium internal shredded latex material is:

  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Is denser and heavier allowing you to feel the quality supporting your back and tummy
  • Has great airflow for temperature regulation allowing your body to cool itself as you sleep
  • Moulds to your growing body, giving you support and relieving pain and pressure
  • Lasts longer than other pillows
  • Reduces noise, squeaking and rustling in the night
Why does my pillow feel lumpy out of the box?

Often the natural latex fibres don’t exactly enjoy the vacuum seal process required for shipping and can arrive lumpy or clumped together. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and it won’t affect the comfort levels of your pillow at all!

You may need to give your Sleepybelly a good massage and shake to separate the latex fibres within the pillow. It will then puff up and expand over the next 1-2 hours as normal.

Our Company

Where is Sleepybelly based?

Sleepybelly is based in Melbourne, Australia.

How did Sleepybelly start?

Notoriously poor sleeper and Sleepybelly Founder, Hannah was surrounded pregnant sisters and friends and hearing complaint after complaint of sore backs, tossing, turning and sleepless nights. Determined to solve the problem for those around her (and future Hannah), she embarked on a journey to develop and design a pillow which provides support, comfort and peace of mind for expecting mums.

Enlisting the help of longtime friend and manufacturing expert Andy, the pair left no stone unturned to source the highest quality materials and liaising with expecting mums, osteopaths, women's health nurses to develop the Sleepybelly.

Where is Sleepybelly made?

Sleepybelly was designed in Melbourne Australia, and manufactured with trusted supply-chain including partner factories across China which meet stringent ethical and sustainability standards.

Does Sleepybelly have an environmental policy?

Throughout the manufacturing, shipping and warehousing process our team is determined to minimise environmental impact wherever possible. We're also currently exploring carbon offset initiatives as Sleepybelly intends to operate as a carbon neutral business in the immediate future.

How do I contact Sleepybelly?

You can get in touch with our team directly via or through direct messages on our Facebook or Instagram. We would love to hear from you!

Do you work with partners, influencers and collaborators?

Yes we certainly do! We're open to collaboration with brands, creators, media partners and distribution networks. Don't hesitate to get in touch directly at

Orders, Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

How does the package arrive? (For those who are still keeping their pregnancy a secret)

Please note that the Sleepybelly arrives in a shipping carton labeled with our logo. The shipping label also notes the product (Pregnancy Pillow). If you are trying to keep your pregnancy a secret still we recommend having it delivered on a day when you can be at home to collect the parcel.

What if my order has not arrived?

If your order has not arrived, please refer to your confirmation email and seek the tracking number provided. All Sleepybelly's should arrive within 5-7 business days Australia wide. If the timeframe extends beyond this period, check with the shipping provider via the tracking number or alternatively do not hesitate to get in touch via

How do I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel an order before it is shipped, please send us an email immediately after placing the order to with the subject like '[ORDER CANCELLATION] Order Number XXXXXX'.

Please note, cancellations can only occur within 12 hours of placing the order*. If the order has been shipped you will need to go through the returns process. *In some circumstances the order may be shipped faster, and you will need to go through the returns process.

Where can I find my tracking number?

You can find your tracking number in your post purchase email sent to the email you used when purchasing your Sleepybelly. If you have issues locating your tracking number, please get in touch via

What is your returns policy?

For faulty products please advise our team as soon as the item arrives or sustains damage due to a manufacturing fault on Sleepybelly's offers a free-exchange policy for all orders placed within 90 days, where we will replace a faulty Sleepybelly with a new one. You'll need to send back the damaged pillow, with all components of the pillow, box and vaccum seal bag without further damage.

For a change of mind or unsatisfactory product performance please refer to our 30-night money back guarantee below.

How does your 30-night money back guarantee work?

We're so confident you'll love your Sleepybelly pillow that we're willing to stand by our product with a 30-night money back guarantee.For any reason, within 30 days after your purchase you're unsatisfied with your Sleepybelly, send it back to us for a full refund – and we'll cover the cost of shipping.

Please note, damaged or soiled pillows will not be eligible for our 30-night money back guarantee. To be eligible for the 30-night money back guarantee please ship the Sleepybelly alongside the vaccum seal bag and box all in-tact within 30 days. Contact our team at before shipping.

How much does shipping cost?

Sleepybelly customers can enjoy free shipping Australia wide when ordering directly through the website!

How long will it take for my Sleepybelly to arrive?

Sleepybelly orders are shipped from Melbourne, Australia she should take between 5-7 business days to arrive. If you live in a remote area, sometimes this can be longer. If your order has not arrived beyond 7 business days, please refer to your tracking number and then get in touch via

What payment options are available?

You can pay safely and securely with credit card via the Shopify payment gateway or PayPal on the Sleepybelly website. You can also pay in four instalments via AfterPay.

How can I get a refund?

You're able to get a refund within 30 days of purchasing through our '30-night money back guarantee' with no questions asked. Simply get in touch with our team at,we'll help coordinate a return of the pillow (and all its components), box and vaccum seal bag.
Once the returned parcel has arrived at our end, we'll inspect for any damage before providing a refund in full, including the cost of freight.

Where do you ship to?

Currently, we ship for free Australia wide every day.
If you're based outside of Australia and would like to place an order for a Sleepybelly, please get in touch via and we will help co-ordinate international delivery.

Who do I contact if I have a faulty product?

A faulty Sleepybelly is incredibly unlikely due to the strict quality control processes involved with manufacturing. However, if you do have a faulty product, please get in touch and we will coordinate an exchange/replacement of the faulty product.

What do you do with your returns?

We're so confident that you'll love the Sleepybelly that we offer a 30-night money back guarantee. We get less than 2% of customers return their pillows (which is well below the benchmark of returns).

But what do we do with the pillows? We've partnered with a local organisation who work with pregnant women who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our pillows are provided for free along with a brand new pillowcase. So you don't need to feel like your pillow will go to waste if it turns out not to work for you.

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