7 Reasons Why This Pillow Is A Must For Pregnant Moms

Thursday, February 1st 2024

There's a million things you could buy, want to buy or 'should' buy when you're pregnant. It can get overwhelming to figure out what you actually should invest your money in and what is just a gimmick.

But a pregnancy pillow is a MUST if you want to actually get some sleep in those last months before bubs is born. So we're going to tell you exactly why THIS is the pregnancy pillow you need.

Reason 1: You'll get a comfy and quality night sleep

This pillow is so versatile it works for any sleeping style; front sleepers, side sleepers and even tummy sleepers.

It provides support where you need it and moulds to your growing body so that you can actually find a comfortable sleeping position.

Reason 2: Helps to relieve and prevent back, pelvic and hip pain

The Sleepybelly is approved by women's health physiotherapist's because of the support it provides to your belly, back and hips.

The design of the pillow helps to keep your back and hips aligned and prevent and relieve pain.

Reason 3: Stops you from waking up on your back

If you're losing sleep because you're worried about waking up on your back then this is the pillow for you. It's guaranteed to help you get better sleep or you'll get your money back.

The long back support is proven to help stop you sleeping on your back.

Reason 4: Adjustable size for growing bumps

This pregnancy pillow will be the right size for you from your first trimester through to your third (and after!).

Its adjustable width strap allows you to find the right support throughout your entire pregnancy.

Reason 5: It won't take over the entire bed or annoy your partner

This pillow is small but mighty. It's compact and small, so it won't take over your entire bed like some other pillows on the market.

It mean's you won't have to kick your partner out of the bed.

Reason 6: It's endorsed by midwives, women’s health experts, and pelvic and pregnancy physiotherapists

The Sleepybelly is highly recommended by leading midwives in Australia and the USA, along with many women’s health and pelvic physiotherapists.

There’s even a chance you’ll be told to get a Sleepybelly in one of your midwife appointments!

Reason 7: It has over 20,000 customers across the USA, Australia and New Zealand with a 4.9 star rating

The Sleepybelly has been so unbelievably popular that it’s sold out multiple times.

Reaching over 20,000 customers in their first two years of trading, they just can’t make the product fast enough to meet growing demand.

It also comes with an incredible 4.9/5 star rating.

Ready For A Life-Changing Pregnancy Pillow?

This pregnancy pillow is a must-have for expecting mothers looking to get quality sleep.

The Sleepybelly comes with a 30-night money back guarantee, and free delivery across the USA, Australia and New Zealand, shipping daily. Just head to sleepybelly.co – but be quick as they often sell out.