Popular Baby Names of 2024: A Guide for Expectant Parents

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is one of the first and most delightful challenges that new parents face. As we look ahead to 2024, certain trends are emerging, influenced by pop culture, nature, and a nod to the classics. This article will help you navigate these trends, ensuring your baby's name is both meaningful and stylish.

A Return to Vintage Charm

In recent years, there has been a significant revival of vintage names as parents dip into the past for inspiration. Names like Oliver, Charlotte, and William have seen persistent popularity across various states in Australia. This trend celebrates timeless elegance and the beauty of names that have stood the test of time. In 2024, other old-fashioned names making a resurgence include Margot, Adeline, and Nora, each bringing with it a touch of sophistication and classic charm.


  1. Oliver - A perennial favorite that exudes old-world charm.
  2. William - A royal name that has maintained its popularity for centuries.
  3. Theodore - Rising in popularity, this name offers a vintage feel with modern appeal.
  4. Archie - Short for Archibald, it's quaint yet distinctly modern.
  5. Leo - Short and strong, with historical depths reaching back to Roman times.


  1. Charlotte - A classic name that remains a top choice for many parents.
  2. Amelia - Both vintage and modern, it continues to charm parents globally.
  3. Nora - Simple and sweet, with a timeless quality.
  4. Margot - Stylish and sophisticated with a touch of French elegance.

Nature and Celestial Inspirations

The natural world continues to be a rich source of inspiration for baby names. Names like River, Kai, and Bodhi reflect the broader cultural movement towards nature and sustainability. Additionally, celestial-themed names such as Luna and Orion are gaining traction, inspired by the beauty and mystery of the universe. These names are not only beautiful but also imbue a sense of peace and wonder.


  1. River - A name that's as calm and constant as the nature it describes.
  2. Kai - Means "sea" in Hawaiian, perfect for nature-loving families.
  3. Orion - A striking celestial name, drawn from the famous constellation.
  4. Bodhi - Derived from the Buddhist concept of enlightenment and a connection to nature.
  5. Leo - A name that shares its identity with a constellation, infusing it with celestial significance.


  1. Luna - Meaning "moon," this name has gained significant popularity as a celestial choice.
  2. Aurora - Named after the natural light display, it's as magical as it is beautiful.
  3. Willow - Reflective of the graceful and flexible tree.
  4. Ivy - A name that's both earthy and climbing in popularity.
  5. Daisy - A cheerful and sunny flower name, embodying the beauty of nature.

Pop Culture's Influence

Pop culture remains a potent influence on baby naming trends. Characters from films, books, and even celebrities continue to shape preferences. For instance, names like Anakin and Neo draw direct inspiration from beloved cinematic universes, reflecting parents' connections to these stories and their characters.


  1. Miles - Gaining popularity partly due to the character Miles Morales from the "Spider-Man" series.
  2. Elio - From the film "Call Me by Your Name," this name has gained traction for its artistic and emotional resonance.
  3. Atreus - Inspired by the character from the video game "God of War," symbolizing adventure and strength.
  4. Kylo - Reflecting the newer "Star Wars" trilogy, this name has a modern edge and a strong presence.
  5. Hopper - From the series "Stranger Things," this name has vintage charm and a tough yet caring nuance.


  1. Rey - From the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy, symbolizing independence and strength.
  2. Eleven - From "Stranger Things," known for her powerful and mysterious persona.
  3. Moana - From Disney's film, symbolizing adventure and exploration.
  4. Gamora - Inspired by the "Guardians of the Galaxy" series, reflecting strength and resilience.
  5. Wanda - From "WandaVision," this name is associated with power and complexity.

Names with Meaning

Many parents choose names that carry deep personal or cultural significance. For example, the name Amelia, meaning "work," highlights attributes that parents may wish for their children, such as industriousness and resilience. Similarly, names like Leo, which means "lion," suggest courage and strength, traits cherished by parents as aspirational for their children.


  1. Ethan - Means "strong," "firm," and "enduring," perfect for a child you hope embodies resilience.
  2. Liam - An Irish name meaning "resolute protector," suitable for a strong and protective individual.
  3. Gabriel - Derived from Hebrew, meaning "God is my strength," often chosen for its spiritual connotation.
  4. Felix - A Latin name meaning "happy" or "fortunate," a lovely positive aspiration for a child's life.
  5. Oscar - With roots in Irish and Old English, meaning "God spear," or "deer-lover," a name with both strength and tenderness.


  1. Sophia - A beautiful name meaning "wisdom" in Greek, popular for its representation of intelligence and grace.
  2. Eve - Means "life" or "living," a simple yet profoundly meaningful name with biblical ties.
  3. Mia - Of Italian and Latin origin, meaning "mine" or "wished-for child."
  4. Audrey - An Old English name meaning "noble strength," reflecting both dignity and resilience.
  5. Aria - A name of Hebrew and Italian origin, meaning "lioness" in Hebrew and "air" in Italian, symbolizing both power and delicacy.

Regional Preferences

Across Australia, regional differences also play a role in naming trends. For instance, while classic names like Henry and Charlotte are favorites in South Australia and Tasmania, more unique and modern choices like Xavier and Sadie are preferred in the Northern Territory. This regional variation adds a fascinating layer to the cultural tapestry of baby naming.

Looking Ahead

The landscape of baby names is as diverse as it is dynamic. Whether you are drawn to the charm of vintage names, the tranquillity of nature-inspired names, or the boldness of pop culture names, there is no shortage of options to consider. Choosing a name is a deeply personal decision, but understanding these trends can help guide you to find a name that will suit your child in a world that is always changing.

For parents exploring options, it's also useful to consult widely recognized lists and databases such as those compiled by Mamamia, One Fine Baby, The Memo and 7News, which regularly update their rankings and predictions based on current data and cultural shifts. These resources can provide a wealth of ideas and insights, making your journey into parenthood a little easier and a lot more exciting.

If you’re not keeping it a secret, comment below the top names on your list!

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