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A versatile pillow designed to stop uncomfortable night's sleep.

Remember - you’re sleeping for two. Being pregnant isn't always a comfortable experience – especially when it comes to sleeping. Sleepybelly’s dual-support design provides support for your belly, stopping the feeling of being pulled into your mattress, while the back support helps prevent rolling onto your back.

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Prevents The ‘Feared’ Back Sleeping Position

After the first trimester of your pregnancy, experts recommend you avoid sleeping on your back. That advice alone can be enough to keep you hyper-aware of your sleeping positions, stopping you from drifting into a restful sleep. The Sleepybelly dual-sided design prevents you from rolling onto your back allowing you to rest both your body and your mind.

Adjustable Support That Grows With Your Belly

Your body changes dramatically from your first trimester to your third trimester. Sleepybelly’s unique design is easily adjustable to provide you optimal support throughout your entire pregnancy. You don’t need to buy multiple pillows for each trimester. One pillow for your entire pregnancy.

Meet The Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow

The original three piece pregnancy pillow designed to encourage safe side sleeping

Loved by 31,000+ Aussie Mums and rated 4.9/5

A Pregnancy Pillow That Actually Fits In Your Bed

Unlike some pregnancy pillows, our supportive and functional design won’t take over your entire bed, (making your partner want to move to another room!). Plus Sleepybelly’s dual support system still allows you to have optimal back and tummy support, while continuing to use your favourite pillow.

Converts To A Versatile Breastfeeding Pillow

The 3-piece adjustable design allows the Sleepybelly to transition from a comfortable pregnancy pillow into a supportive breastfeeding pillow for both the newborn and infant stages. It can be used to support you, the mother, in the side-lying feeding position, or to support your bub while cradle-feeding, football-feeding and more!

Why is Sleepybelly Better?

  Sleepybelly O-Shape C-Shape I-Shape
Wedge support that contours your belly
Stops the feared back sleeping position
Adjustable support for growing bellies
No need to re-adjust when you change sides
Use your preferred pillow
Takes over most of your bed
Great for breastfeeding

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